Dear Friends,

We write to you today with a heavy heart.

We’ve all heard the news from Uganda, criminalizing homosexuality with the punishment of death. We recognize that the Churches in Uganda are supporting and upholding the government’s decision. We mourn with our Ugandan siblings.

We’ve heard the cries from our trans siblings in the United States that call out against anti-trans bills. These bills are jeopardizing their healthcare and livelihood in their home states. We pray for their wellbeing and for their safety.

We’ve joined the fight against book ban initiatives here in Canada. We work with local pride groups to support drag performers, in all their work. We rejoice with the news from Manitoba in the rejection of the call for book bans.

We hear the calls from the injustices that our community is facing. This, on the eve of Pride Month worldwide, is getting harder and harder to comprehend. We continue to support the affirming process and are looking forward to welcoming ten new communities of faith into that fold in the month of June. We will continue our advocacy work, and all the work that we are holding in our hearts within our local communities and beyond.

Love, AUSE