About Us

Who are we? Read on below! And have a look at our History and Frequently Asked Questions sections, and like our Facebook page to get the latest news. Our annual reports and our newsletter give even more detail about current work. Have a look at how we run the organization; learn about our annual conference; consider becoming a member and/ or attending an event near you. We thank our donors and members for making all our work possible!

Millwoods United members marching at Edmonton Pride.
Millwoods United Church, Edmonton: loud and proud at Pride.

What We Do

  • Education– to promote greater awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity gifts and struggles.
  • Action– to work to end discrimination against people in church, society and our own organization.
  • Support– to help people of all sexual orientations and gender identities find support and community within the United Church of Canada and beyond.

How We Work

  • Affirming Ministries Program– We established and continue to support and expand this national program. Any ministry can enter the process to become Affirming: publicly, intentionally, and explicitly welcoming of people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.
  • Our members, both as individual and ministries, are a vital support to this movement. Anyone can take out a membership.
  • Our bimonthly newsletter, Consensus, keeps our network up to date and shares stories of both success and struggle. Sign up and see archives here.
  • Our annual three-day conference features speakers, workshops, celebration, and worship, in a different Canadian location each summer, in conjunction with our annual general meeting.
  • Advocacy and information– We write letters, submit proposals, and meet with church and government decision-making bodies.  Our displays, information tables, workshops, and educational resources support this work.
  • Accompaniment: Becoming Affirming isn’t quick or easy. It runs the risk of surfacing fears and questions in your ministry, even as it opens up exciting new space. That’s why our volunteer Affirming ministry coordinators and our Companions accompany ministries throughout the process, and continue that support even if a ministry feels it’s not ready to become Affirming.