AU/SE Merchandise

If you would like to order any merchandise below please:

  1. Type in the quantity of each item you would like to purchase
  2. Fill in your contact information and address that you would like your merchandise to be shipped to.  (Your information will be kept confidential and only seen by our Merchandise Coordinator for the purposes of this order).
  3. Type in any comments such as when you are hoping to receive merchandise.
  4. Type in form of payment preference (cheque or money order to Affirm United, or online paypal payment).
  5. Click Submit

This will send an email to our Merchandise Coordinator who will check quantities, and shipping costs for your order.  Then you will be contacted by our Merchandise Coordinator to confirm: amounts, final costs (the number from this form plus shipping costs), and form of payment (if choosing online PayPal payment, you will be sent the link to fill out the form with the final costs amount). NOTE: What about t-shirts? For now we’ve put these on hold. We encourage all Affirming ministries to make their own custom t-shirt designs, the better to highlight your ministry and message. In some cases, ministries in the Affirming process may also be able to use our logo. Learn more about the logo and accessing it here.