AUSE Volunteer of the Year Award 2016-17- Bryon Delarue

Every year, AU/SE honours individuals who strengthen and bless our movement in especially significant ways. In 2017, we honour two Albertans: Bryon Delarue and Gary Simpson. Gary and Bryon’s work both appears on our website and social media; in 2017 Bryon offered a timeline of all the many and growing Affirming ministries in Alberta, and a reflection on how this was accomplished.

Council member Jen Carter-Morgan writes,

Bryon Delarue presenting the Affirming certificate to Robert McClure United Church in Calgary, October 1, 2017

“It is a great pleasure to be able to share just a bit about one of this years award winners, and one whom I am delighted to see recognized for his work.

I first met Bryon at a gathering of churches in Alberta who were looking at becoming Affirming ministries or who were already. His quiet commitment to justice and equality for all was evident even in such a brief meeting. We again crossed paths when I was approached to be a consultant to the Affirming Ministry process at Deer Park United Church. Working with Bryon and the other committee members, his passion and dedication to both the process and to the living out of this work in both his church life and personal life became even more evident. I have also heard him speak at a conference around affirming ministries in Alberta and he touched on the importance and wide reaching effects of this work.

Since then I know Bryon has gone on to other work in the area of social justice and inclusion through his work with the Calgary Queer Church committee as well as working with Deer Park United and their refugee work.”

— Jen Carter-Morgan, AUSE Council member, speaking at the 2017 AUSE AGM.



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