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Adding Sparkle to Your Rainbow: Refreshing Your Affirming Culture and Commitment

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Welcome Hinton United Church! An Affirming Celebration is planned for March 14th, 2021 at 10am MST

Hinton United Church – Hinton Alberta

An Affirming celebration is planned for Hinton United Church!

All are welcome to a celebration of becoming an Affirming Ministry for Hinton United Church on Sunday March 14, 2021

Time: 10:00 am MST

Location: 101 Maskuta Drive, Hinton AB T7V 1E7


Phone: 780-865-2390

Email: for sending congratulations

Please send a note of congratulations to the entire faith community of Hinton United Church through this private form:

Adding Sparkle to Your Rainbow | Zoom Webinar Thursday February 25, 2021 | 7-8:30pm

As part of our Public, Intentional and Explicit commitment, Affirm United / S’affirmer Ensemble along with Affirming Connections are pleased to announce this special P.I.E. gathering … an Affirming Refresher presented by Affirming Coordinator Linda Hutchinson!

We’ll talk about these areas to add sparkle:

  • Your Vision Statement
  • Your Marriage Policy
  • Your Action Plan . . . Do you have one?  Does it need updating?  Are you engaging with the wider community?
  • Your relationship with building users, renters
  • Your language – Pronouns, Microaggressions
  • Broadening your scope . . . the call of all people who are marginalized

Bring your stories and your questions!

Linda Hutchinson, Affirming Ministry Coordinator to Affirm United / S’affirmer Ensemble

Presenter Bio – Linda Hutchinson

Linda, a United Church member by birth and by choice, has worked/volunteered at all levels of The United Church of Canada with children, youth and adults, mainly in the areas of Resource Ministry and Affirm United’s Affirming Ministries Program.  She is a member of Sydenham Street United Church in downtown Kingston, ON, an Affirming Ministry since 1999, was a member of the Bay of Quinte Conference Affirming Ministries Action Group from its formation in 2007 to 2018 when UCC restructured, and has been a Coordinator of Affirm United’s Affirming Ministry Program since 2012.  Linda and her spouse, Bruce, have two adult children and four grandchildren.

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We are looking for P.I.E. Recipes! Share them on the National P.I.E. Day Recipe Board!

We are challenging you to come up with the best P.I.E. Recipes and share them on our National P.I.E. Day Recipe Board for National Affirming Day.

You might want to share one of your favourite pie recipes or a great cupcake or special treat recipe or maybe you will have a virtual bake off!? Some may have a special recipe of what Affirming would taste like if it were a pie and what those ingredients might be! Please share those recipes and we look forward to reading them all.

Include a picture of your creation if you can. Posts can be anonymous or include the name of your faith community or use your first name on the submission! Just click the PLUS + sign to add your contribution.

Questions? Ask Michele at and have fun being Public, Intentional and Explicit in your commitment to inclusivity to LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit people ! !

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National Affirming Day – P.I.E. Day Sunday March 14th, 2021

Save the date Sunday March 14th, 2021 for our National Affirming Day celebration of P.I.E. Day!

Who doesn’t need something to celebrate these days? We surely do!

Let’s think about an Affirming pie. What would your Affirming pie taste like? What ingredients would you use? How do you want to fold in Public, Intentional, and Explicit (PIE) elements in your special recipe? This year we are going to celebrate with P.I.E. recipes created by you! It could be more traditional or it might have a twist in the ingredients … two cups of inclusion, a tablespoon of sparkle, a quarter cup of love … you get the idea! Now, think about how your faith community could continue to build your PIE, or how you are starting to cook something up.

Watch your email for ways to share YOUR recipe and more resources, event and service ideas! We will have a brand new video released by March that can be used as a resource for events, and our website is updated with worship service templates and promo materials/images FREE to use. resources

Due to COVID-19 all PIE events for 2021 will be planned for celebration online.

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