Affirming celebration for Goodwood United Church!

All are welcome to a celebration of becoming an Affirming Ministry for Goodwood United Church

Address:      3999 Concession 3 and Goodwood Road, Goodwood ON L0C 1A0

Date:             Sunday October 29, 2023

Time:                        9:30 am

Location:    3999 Concession 3 and Goodwood Road, Goodwood for in-person celebration.     The service will the service be live-streamed.


Phone:         905-852-7433

Email for sending congratulations (church office)

Fall Worship Series

Join us for a time of prayer, worship, and hope! Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble invites you to a time of affirming worship. All are welcome, but for safety, registration is required. 

Register for the October service here.

Register for the November service here.

Register for the December service here.

Affirming Coffee Hour !

Are you an Affirming Ministry with questions? Or ideas to share? Or maybe just looking for some community to connect with on all things Affirming? Or perhaps your community of faith isn’t yet Affirming, and you’d like to learn more about the process, and what others are doing? Then join us for coffee! AU/SE is inviting you to join us for monthly coffee hours to learn and connect. All are welcome, but registration is required. 

Register for the October coffee hour here.

Register for the November coffee hour here

AGM Hosting Info Session!

A few months ago we put out a call for AGM 2024 hosts, and many of you responded!  We are now inviting any interested communities of faith to join us for a virtual info session to learn more about what hosting entails. If your Affirming Ministry is interested, whether you’ve expressed interest before or not, please join us for this session. Register here

Welly Hanenberg is this year’s Youth Advocate!

Welly has been an outstanding advocate for the 2SLGBTQ+ community at Redeemer University which has not been easy, at a school who is not Affirming. Last year, Welly and the Redeemer LGBTQ community experienced the death by suicide of a beloved member of the community. Welly rallied around students and did not give up the fight to have Beckett’s experience heard. The advocacy and voice Welly has maintained as a student at Redeemer University has changed lives. She has instilled confidence in personhood, has affirmed the inclusive Love of God and has been a voice for those feeling alone in their journey in figuring out who they are.

Congratulations Welly!

Sharon Valmont is this year’s Volunteer of the Year!

Sharon is the Chair of Golden Ears United Church’s affirming team, encouraging, and inviting new people to the committee. They’ve held three major affirming events in the past six months, including a PIE Day screening, and a Drag Brunch. Sharon is an out and proud Trans woman who lives with some disabilities. She has generously shared her journey and testimony with her congregation in worship, being willing to be authentic and vulnerable. She shared her journey to sobriety and has helped our congregation be more understanding and welcoming.  She also is a weekly volunteer at their Thrift, and volunteers to run their livestream on Sundays.

From Sharon: “Volunteering has always held a special place in my heart. There’s something inexplicably rewarding about dedicating your time and energy to help those in need. The smiles on people’s faces, the gratitude in their eyes, and the knowledge that I have played a part in brightening someone’s day are priceless rewards.

Receiving the Volunteer of the Year award is a testament to the collective efforts of all those who contributed to my journey. It is an acknowledgment of the countless hours, determination, and love poured into the work I do. This recognition fills me with tremendous pride while also inspiring me to continue making a difference in the lives of others.”

Congratulations Sharon!