Clergy Candidates Meet Up

Thursday evening: July 20, 8-10 pm EST

Sunday afternoon: September 10, 2-4 pm EST

What can I expect when I join an online gathering? 

Our online gatherings continue to evolve but here is what you can expect if you join: I (Michiko) will be acting as the host and ensure that people are welcomed into the space, their tech is working, and help facilitate introductions and checking in. As facilitator, I like to introduce a topic for discussion or a question for each of us to answer. The format is casual, encouraging people to bring their own thoughts or questions into the conversation. You are welcome to participate in whatever way feels most comfortable to you. However you show up and are present is part of being in community.  

Are monthly meetings not the space you need right now? 

You are always welcome to be in touch with me to set up a time for a one-on-one conversation. I understand that there might be certain topics that feel easier to address when you don’t have to worry about larger group dynamics or that the dates set aren’t the best for your schedule. 

Find them online @queerkenosis