Institutional/Affirming Ministry Auto Renewal Membership Payment

We rely on your membership! Thanks for your support.

This form is for a yearly organizational membership that renews automatically. (If you clicked on the wrong form, click the back arrow on your browser.)

PayPal will send you a reminder a few weeks before it pays your renewal. If you want to stop your renewal, you can email us or cancel the payment in your PayPal account. The renewal will go through only if your credit card is valid.

(A reminder: if you become a PAR donor we count that as your annual membership and you don’t need to pay separately, or remember to renew.)

Our membership information is kept strictly confidential.  It will not be shared with any other organizations or individuals. Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble is a federally registered charity (Business number 87449 1772 RR0001). You’ll get a tax receipt for your membership, and a receipt for any donations you make.

  • This email would receive information (including selected future contact information below) on behalf of the Congregation/Institution. (Many use the office main email)
  • Please enter your Group/Affirming Ministry membership fee as noted on your invoice from AUSE in the field directly above.