Intersectional conversations-racism and a kairos moment at General Council

Intersectional conversations: racism and a kairos moment at General Council

(An article from our September 2018 newsletter.) A kairos moment is a door from ordinary, linear, chronos time to sacred and transformative time. Such a moment took place in the closing hours of the 43rd General Council of the United Church of Canada, when the Moderator invited people of colour and Indigenous people to come to the mics and tell their stories as racialized people in the United Church of Canada.

The LGBTQIA+ community in Canada is no more free of White privilege and racism than the rest of the church or the rest of the country is. The sacred place where our diverse genders and sexualities meet diverse racial identities is one we must seek as an Affirming movement. Often it’s a painful place, as well as a growing place, as we saw a couple of years when queer and trans members of Black Lives Matter stopped the Toronto Pride parade in order to have their perspectives and experiences heard.

You are invited to take the time to watch and absorb these two hours of sacred storytelling. Your reflections on what this moment might teach the Affirming movement are most welcome. You can use our contact forms, or our Facebook group to share your thoughts.