Kamloops United Church: Twenty years of being out and public

Kamloops United in Kamloops, BC has been an Affirming ministry for twenty years. They became Affirming long before equal marriage was obtained, and long before trans* activists and allies brought us much closer to full recognition of trans* human rights. They write,

pride-march-at-thompson-rivers-university-kamloops-uc-reduced-size“We are feeling excited and optimistic about the renewed energy at Kamloops United Church to live more fully into our obligations and privilege of being an Affirming congregation, and of being a member of Affirm United/ S’affirmer Ensemble.

Since celebrating the 20th anniversary of becoming a member of Affirm United on May 12, Kamloops United Church, Centre for Community and Spiritual Discovery, has hosted the multi-faith community vigil for Orlando in June, and we have been offering regular meeting space for the board of Kamloops Pride. Just recently, we hung a beautiful new AUSE logo banner on the brick cornerpiece on the exterior of our building.

On Wednesday September 28, for the second year, we participated in the 5th annual Thompson Rivers University Student Union Pride Parade. A baker’s dozen of KUC folk carried our banner and signs, and participated in the tabling afterwards. Among our handouts at TRU were invitations to a pride-march-at-thompson-rivers-university-kamloops-uc-3-copyspecial Affirming and Welcoming Sunday on October 16.

We. Are. An. Affirming. Church.”