New resources to help your work

These resources are designed to help your work, whether you’re considering beginning the Affirming process or have been an Affirming ministry for decades. Check out our infographic, our Becoming Affirming flyer, and our travelling banners. Note that we all Affirming resources are available on our Affirming ministry and our Resources/ handouts pages. 

Affirming in Seven Steps: an infographic (2017)

Infographic summary of the Affirming process, part 1; right click to save.

Somehow, we boiled the formal Affirming journey down to seven steps (the many steps

that follow from being Affirming are then up to the creative powers of your ministry.)  Use this new resource freely, widely, and with abandon. Put it on your Twitter feed, on Instagram, in your PowerPoint, on your dog, your fridge, and your forehead.

The infographic is available as two separate JPG (online photo) files, as a PDF bulletin insert, and an 8.5 by 11” PDF poster.

Hymn: We are a Rainbow (2017)
We love hymn writer and musical genius David Kai! He has written a wonderfully affirming hymn, We Are a Rainbow, and made it freely available.  Download various PDFs here, and click here for a video of the tune and lyrics here. Thank you and bless you, David, for this lovely, generous gift.

Becoming Affirming flyer (2016)
One of the most common questions asked of Affirm is:
Our congregation is already inclusive. Why should we become Affirming? 
Have a look at our latest handout (PDF), which is designed to address this and other common questions. Photocopy it freely; use it at events or as a bulletin insert, or wherever people need help addressing this crucial question.  Limited colour copies are available, and budget permitting, we may print more. If your Conference or Presbytery is interested in a large scale mailing, we can send you the files for printing.

Stand up display
AU/SE now has two lightweight, retractable, six-foot stand up displays to complement

Huron Shores United Church at their fall 2017 Affirming celebration- banner!

the local displays many ministries have created. (Please note that this one can’t be carried in a parade!) We have a bilingual French/ English one, and an English only one. Priority will be given to ministries that are celebrating becoming Affirming, but between staff and volunteers Judy Amsbury and Lynn Miller, we’ll do our best to keep the display in circulation. We ask that ministries contribute to the cost of moving it around the country. If you want to request the display, please fill out a contact form for our Marketing Coordinator. 

Annual report
Every year, Affirm United/S’affirmer ensemble releases an annual report for the previous year. If you want to know more about the many supporters, actions and activities that make up our movement, take a look at our 2014 annual report. And if our 2014 budget figures inspire you to donate, so much the better! The link will take you to a large PDF file that will take a minute to download.