Support Us

Affirm United/ S’affirmer Ensemble is a member-based, grassroots organization. We’re an independent movement of the United Church of Canada, and our membership is open to all who support our goals of full and loving inclusion of all people of all sexual and gender identities.

There are many ways to support us, and many ways to get involved:

We welcome your membership.

Are you part of a ministry in the United Church that isn’t yet Affirming?  Talk to us!  You can request a workshop or phone call.

Your donations make a big difference to our work, which is all self-funded.
Your PAR donation is especially helpful!

Already Affirming? We need your stories and we need to know about your events. And we need you to support local, inclusive events and groups of all kinds.

Come to our annual conference and our many local events.

We’d love to send you our newsletter so you can stay in touch with our national network.

We have merchandise available, including pins and decals.

Grace United Church, Sarnia, Ontario, at their June 2019 Affirming celebration.