Using our logo

Any Affirming ministry is entitled and encouraged to use the AU/SE logo! Use it publicly and proudly in any way that suits your needs– but only if you are an Affirming ministry or about to hold your celebration. (The logo can be used for educational purposes in some situations.)

Our logo was designed by Joyce Cosby; it reflects the Christian fish that is integral to both Christianity and the United Church of Canada logo, and it unites both cross and rainbow. It’s an important reflection of our movement’s belief that God’s love includes all, and that the church must welcome all.

Read on for information on access, use, formats, and merchandise.

How do we access the logo?
We use Dropbox, a free file sharing service, because some of the files are too large to email. You’ll need a free account. The Communications Coordinator will send you the link; email them using the form at the bottom of this page.

When can my ministry start using the logo?
Your ministry can begin using the logo when you announce the details of your Affirming celebration and at any point after. Again, we encourage you to use the logo early and often.

Are there restrictions on how we can use the logo?
As long as your ministry is Affirming, there are no restrictions. In fact, we include all sorts of formats to make it easier for you to use the logo just about everywhere. Signs, banners, decals, custom t-shirts with your ministry’s name and website, mugs, pins: all are great. And please make sure the logo is on your ministry’s website and letterhead!

What logo formats do you have?
Our logo is available in many different formats, such as JPGs (for use online) and vector files (EPS) that allow you to create large versions of the logo without resolution loss. The Dropbox folder also contains different designs. Some logos include Affirm United/ S’affirmer Ensemble’s full name; others don’t.

So we can’t use the logo if we are not Affirming?
In a word: No.
But we can help you become Affirming! See our introduction here, a short photocopiable PDF here, and a copy of the entire process here.

Does AU/SE offer merchandise with the logo?
Yes! Click here for information about ordering pins, and reusable decals.

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