United in Relationship Workshop

This is a 3 day or 6 evening workshop designed by Brian Mitchell-Walker for both traditional and non traditional relationships. Similar to Marriage preparation courses, this asks those in relationship to explore a variety of topics. During the exploration, Brian teaches participants how to:

  • be present to each other through reflective listening skills,
  • be curious about conflict and
  • look at each topic through the lens of the Nine Domains of the Enneagram System.

This program was developed with the gift from an organization called United in Marriage.  To support groups that would like to sponsor this workshop in their area. Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble will support the first 4 groups that organize this with up to $500 towards their expenses of having Brian come and facilitate this workshop.

To learn more about Brian and the Nine Domains of the Enneagram System, please visit his site:  www.bemindfullywell.com and fill out the contact form below to send any questions.