Affirming declaration from Grace United Church, Sarnia, ON

Rundle Memorial United Church, Banff, AB – New Affirming Ministry Celebration – October 4, 2020

Eastminster Choir Sings Born This Way By: Lady Gaga

King Julian reads Families, Families, Families by: Suzanne Lang and Max Lang

AU/SE Summer Conference Worship Service 2020

St. Paul’s United Church, Riverview, NB Affirming Celebration 2020

Annual Pride Service 2020 – Wesley Methodist Church – Pembroke, Bermuda

Affirming Celebration Cadboro Bay (now Broad View UC) Victoria, BC 2020

Affirming Connections PIE Day: Public, Intentional, Explicit feat. Pam Rocker 2020

Jesus at the Pride Parade | Spoken Word – The Many